New CDC Website Features Surviving Sepsis Campaign

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently launched a new website to increase sepsis awareness and improve early recognition, diagnosis and treatment of patients.

The site includes an interview with SSC co-chair Mitchell Levy, MD, FCCM, speaking as part of a CDC Expert Commentary series on Medscape.

The Surviving Sepsis Campaign, a joint collaboration of the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) and the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine, features heavily on the new website. Throughout, readers are directed to the Campaign’s website for additional information regarding sepsis. They are also specifically encouraged to examine and review Surviving Sepsis Campaign: International Guidelines for Management of Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock: 2012.

The CDC sepsis website houses the following resources:

 •Basic Information: Fact sheets and questions and answers for patients
 •Clinical Guidelines and Tools: Guidelines, bundles, education resources, and tools
 •Information on Improving Survival:  A look at quality improvement efforts undertaken by healthcare facilities to improve survival in sepsis
 •Medical Bibliography: Selected sepsis chapters from medical textbooks
 •Data Reports: Recent reports on the incidence of sepsis
 •Related Links: Links to websites that provide additional information about sepsis