Screening Every Patient, Every Shift, Every Day

Screening Every Patient, Every Shift, Every Day: Sepsis on the Wards​

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In this latest video, leaders from the Surviving Sepsis Campaign present during the 45th Critical Care Congress.

*The presentation, Show Me the Data!, has been edited pending publication of data.

Learning Objectives
- Discuss how to implement a screening protocol for every shift, every patient, every day
- Review strategies on how to engage the mulitdisciplinary team
- Determine when and how to spread beyond pilot units for sepsis screening on the wards
- Review data on compliance and learn about mortality reduction

Pitfalls and Wins: Staff Buy-In for Sepsis Screening on Hospital Wards
Christa Schorr, RN, FCCM

System Sepsis Improvement: Many Hospitals, One Initiative
Stephen Knych, MBA, MD, MTh

Hospitalists Leading, Promoting and Supporting House-Wide Sepsis Detection and Intervention
Andrew Odden, MD

Show Me the Data!
Mitchell Levy, MD, MCCM

Strategies in Using Rapid Response Teams to Verify Positive Screens
Richard Beale, MD, MBBS

Conversing with the Experts: Panel Discussion